To complement the range of InterSystems, industrial and powder samplers offered by the Wrights Dowson Group, a sample collection system (SCS) also known as the Carousel enables separate samples to be collected automatically at or near the sampling point until required. Included in the controller is an over-ride feature which allows manual operation if desired.powder sampler

Over a given period, say an hour or a shift, the automatic sampler will deposit samples at selected intervals into the sample jar. When the specified period is complete the system then indexes onwards moving the full jar with the composite sample into an awaiting collection position whilst placing a new empty sample jar in position in readiness to take a new series of samples.

All that is required is for the operator to cap the jars and they can then be taken or conveyed by pneumatic transfer system directly to the laboratory for analysis.
A number of standard configurations are available and these are shown on the following drawings, however, systems can be designed to suit site requirements and customer specifications.

Hopper Style– includes hinged, plexiglas door and sliding manual gate.

Indexing Style -Automated rotating indexing cabinet and jar collection.

Sample jars in glass, plastic and stainless steel can be provided in a range of sizes. Sample collection systems are available for use with all standard InterSystems sampling systems, which are described on separate pages can be accessed through the links shown.

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